Pitch I did for the Sky Tickets redesign. Made it to the top of my team but eventually it was put on hold and Sky went for a more corporate approach.

Sky Sports – Premier League designs for Sky. The concept in mind was that with Sky Sports you’ll be able to see more of the action and more matches than any other channel.

In situ designs and additional digital designs for Premier League

2 examples of email designs I made for Sky Sports for both desktop and mobile

A fraction of the NOW TV digital static and animated GIF banners, MPU’s, Skyscrapers and other sizes I created within Skyworks.

Did all the flyer, poster, leaflet, brochure and other promotional work for Ice Rink Canary Wharf 2015/16

The result of Ice Rink Canary Wharf 2015/16 after a few months of work

Promo designs for the OnePlus 3T

Mayfair Magazine Creative Solutions which was presented to Rolex. The creative solutions included a tailored cover with their watch on it barndoor for the cover,
invitations within the barndoor and a bellyband.

RWMG Mandarin Pack for Mayfair Mandarin Edition which includes information about the magazine, dates and contact information.

Displayed are a few pages from the pack.

Fashion presentation pack for Fabiana Filippi which got presented to the client. Above is the creative solutions slide, magazine information and the proposal slide.

During my work at Runwild
Media I got the opportunity to
design the Partnership Proposal pack for Exclusively’s Luxury homeshow.

Displayed are a few pages from the pack.

For my freelance work I design a lot of flyers. From left to right: Black history Month flyer, Ping Pong Party flyer for Bounce and the Help for Hope Typhoon Haiyan Charity concert

On the side I also work within the music industry creating flyers and covers.

Logo ideas for the Immediate
Care Centre. Which was a last
minute brief with a tight deadline.

My own brand “Hldrmn” with my logo which is an ambigram, business card and t-shirt.

Proposed booklet ideas for P1 Supercar club which I’ve redesigned and has been
presented to P1 Supercar club

Leaflet, Flyer and Business Card design for Kori.

Schedule and flyer design for Kori

A template I made for the HM4 Thunderbolt watch by MB&F


Designs that I made for other people and companies

Runwild Media, Sky, NOW TV & HLDRMN